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  • Upgrade OpenCart script to Latest Version

This service upgrades your current OpenCart script to the latest version. The further back your current version the harder it is to upgrade. Upgrading your cart software from 1.5.6.x to 2.x is a somewhat complicated process. The OpenCart developers as of this wrting have not come up with a method for upgrading between these 2 radically different versions. This is were we can help you to upgrade your store to the latest version of OpenCart.

Things that will be preserved:

  • Database Records like Customers, Orders, Products, Categories, etc will be safe. 
  • Customized database entries will be unchanged.
  • Images and Downloads will preserved.
  • vQmod update.

Things that cannot be saved:

  • Themes 
  • 3rd Party Extensions/Modules

It will be up to you to contact each developer of any existing modules/extensions and make sure that they have available a version that will work with the version of OpenCart that you will be upgrading to.

You will also have to make sure that the theme you will be using will work with the upgraded version of OpenCart. It will be up to you to go through and reset all settings and apperances of the theme and modules/extensions.

The timeframe is usually 7 to 10 working days depending on the size and scope of your current store and your ability to contact extension/module & theme developers if necessary.

Please contact us directly for any questions or concerns.

After purchasing this service please submit the following information to our support department.











Upgrade OpenCart script to Latest Version

  • $300.00

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