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  • (CIM) Enhanced Recurring Payments (CIM) Enhanced Recurring Payments gateway is a comprehensive payment gateway that uses the (CIM) Customer information management system for storing customer credit card information for recurring and future payments.

This extension enhances the recurring profiles system in OpenCart. It fixes many of the inherent bugs and issues in the default system.

You will be able to edit a recurring profile and update the Price, Next Recurring Date, Duration Remaining, Recurring Frequency, Product Quantity and other options in the Sales>Recurring Sales Info page. The extension gives store owner full control when using as the payment gateway.


  • Uses (CIM) Customer Information Management System
  • Creates a new order every time a payment recurs
  • Provides Admin full control of recurring payment
  • Works on regular sales as well as recurring sales
  • Customer information is stored for future recurring billing
  • Admin can cancel recurring profiles
  • Creates a transaction every time a payment recurs
  • Currently only available for OpenCart Will be available for other versions soon.

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COMPATABILITY OCMOD (CIM) Enhanced Recurring Payments

  • $125.00

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