Wholesale Orders Instructions


The way wholesale orders works is, a wholesale customer registers on your site as a wholesale customer. Once you approve the customer in the admin you also add the discounted percentage in the customer edit section.

When any wholesale customer makes a purchase they must be logged in. Once they log in they will be redirected to the wholesale order screen. They will not be able to order as a wholesaler from the regular catalog. After they place their wholesale order you will receive an email notifying of a new wholesale order that needs approval.

Once the order has been edited/approved, an email goes to the customer notifying that their wholesale order has been approved and requires payment to complete the order.

Be sure to ALWAYS backup your database and store files before installing ANY extension.

1) Go to Extension>Installer. Upload the .ocmod zip file then press the refresh button on the Modifications page.


  • Go to Extension/Modules Find the Extensions name and click install.
  • Go to System>Users>User Groups>Administrator Select All in both boxes then save.
  • Go back to Extension/Modules and make settings. After making extension settings be sure to go to Extensions/Modifications and click refresh.
  • If you are using any type caching software or increase speed software. Be sure to refresh the cache after extension installation or better yet TURN IT OFF during installation.
  • Go to Sales>Customers>Customer Groups and setup the Wholesale Customer Group.  Be sure to select Approve New Customer Then save settings. It is important that Wholesale customers are required to be approved so they can receive their wholesale discount, etc.
  • Go to System>Localization>Order Statuses and add Wholesale Order Pending Approval and Wholesale Order Approved. Then save settings
  • You will now go back to Extensions>Wholesale Orders and setup wholesale order parameters.


The wholesale orders extension is a comprehensive wholesale order system. It allows wholesale orders to be placed to selected wholesale account holders. The extension tracks all wholesale orders separate from regular orders. Gives admin full control of which products to offer wholesale. You can offer wholesale account discounts. Offer shipping discounts. Edit wholesale order and much more.

It is important that wholesale customers are separate from default customers. The wholesale order system works separate from the regular order system. The extension gives admin the ability to edit, add/remove items, view as well as approve order.

You CANNOT set the default customer group to be a wholesale group.


After a wholesale customer has been created you can edit the wholesale settings by going to Customers>Edit customer and make the preferred settings.

After the extension has been install and all the settings have been made the extension is ready for use. Below is a brief summary about how to use the extension.

Special note: Discounts and Shipping are set in the admin customer section. Go to Customers>Find the wholesale customer and edit to make the settings. If you are offering FREE shipping on wholesale Orders over a certain amount you must also activate FREE shipping and set the minimum dollar amount as the wholesale free shipping amount.

1) Go to the store front and create a new user. Depending on your customer group settings, your customers should be able to select the wholesale customer group during store registration.

2) Once a customer is signed up and approved, they can go to their account and click on Wholesale Orders. This will take them to the wholesale order screen

3) On the order screen customers can select which product they wish to order. There is a payment selection and comment box as well as shipping address, payment address. When the order has been completed, the customer will press the submit order button at the bottom. This will trigger an admin email that advises that a new wholesale order has been placed and needs approval.

4) In the admin section you can now view, edit or approve the wholesale order. Once the order has been approved, the cusomer will get an email with a link advising them to pay for their wholesale order so it can be processed and shipped.

Customers can view which orders have been approved and or are pending in the account order history page.

Note: After a wholesale order has been approved by the admin and wholesale customers does their final checkout they can then use any payment form that is active in store.

In Brief this is how a wholesale order is made and how the process works.

1) customer makes a wholesale order.

2) admin changes or leaves it alone and approves it.

3) after approval from the admin the customer gets an email to go PAY for the order.

Customers CANNOT make changes to wholesale orders period. Once the initial order has been made that's it. After payment has been made, admin can process or ship the order.

If you have any questions about the installation process or how to use the extension please contact us.