Support Questions Log

Support Questions Log

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The Support Questions Log is a ground up module that allows customers to ask store owners support questions. The Support Tracking System module adds a support tab at the left side of your store. The extension allows the store owner to receive support questions from all pages. Each question is logged in the Admin and has its own interface for responding to questions and to keep track of the questions that have already been responded to.

The dashboard displays pending unanswered questions. When store owner logs into the admin if there are questions that need to be answered the link in the dashboard is red. If there are no unanswered questions the link is black. When the pending questions in the Dashboard are clicked it will take you directly to the respond to Support Tracking Systems interface. This module does not use the contact form, instead it uses a popup window to make it really easy for the customer to ask a questions without leaving the page they are on. The Admin also uses a popup for responding to questions. This extension is also a great way to build a client list for future sales & communications.

Features include:

  • Works on any page in your store.
  • Tracks and logs all support questions and responses.
  • Logs all Support Tracking Systems and answers in admin.
  • Allows quick response to customers from the admin.
  • You can delete all answered questions when no longer needed.
  • This is a great way to build up client list thru communications and getting an email address logged for future sales or newsletters.
  • Great way to learn what your customers are really looking for.
  • Sends store owner an email when a questions is asked about a product or service.
  • Support tab can be changed to use your own. Be sure and use the same image name, size and type.

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  • Developer: OpenCart Express
  • Product Code: Support Questions Log
  • For OpenCart Version - 1.5.x - 2.3.x
  • Theme Compatibility - All
  • Modification Type - vQmod - OCMOD
  • Views - 3984
  • Sales - 4
  • $10.00

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