Recurring Profiles Upgrade

Recurring Profiles Upgrade

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This extension allows a single purchse to pass thru as a non recurring product when a product is set as a recurring product on OpenCart Version 1.5.6x through 2.x By deafult on OpenCart when a product is set to recurring it will not allow the product to be purchased as a stand alone product. Now your customers can choose is the wish to buy it once or as a recurring payment product.

The extension also addresses a problem with PayPal Express payment gateway. When a product has too many options you will get an error. We resolved this issue with our extension by adding a substring to truncate the description to 126 characters which is maximum PayPal Express can handle for this field.

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  • Developer: OpenCart Express
  • Product Code: Recurring Profiles Upgrade
  • For OpenCart Version - 1.5.x - 2.3.x
  • Theme Compatibility - All
  • Modification Type - vQmod - OCMOD
  • Views - 4220
  • Sales - 1
  • $8.00

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