Net Invoice Payment Gateway

Net Invoice Payment Gateway

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The Net 30 Payment Gatewate allows you to give your customers the option during the checkout process to pay the invoice in 30 dyas. The extension is a great tool for Brick and Mortar stores that have a web presence as well as a physical store front or any other type of manufacturing facility. Some customers have issue with giving their payment information to a computer/internet. Net 30 will give the store owners one more tool in their arsenal for making sales. You can give your customers any message you wish. After a Net 30 sale has been made, the admin order total goes to red notifying store owner that a Net 30 sale is pending. After the payment has be processed and store owner changes the order status from a Net 30 status to any other status, the order total goes back to black. New added feature, now works with guest checkout.

Features include:

  • Extension is treated as a payment option allowing it to work with any theme.
  • Guest checkout option.
  • Store owner has complete control of the message the wish to give their customers.
  • When a sale has been made the admin order total turns red until store owner verifies payment.
  • Customers emailed invoice will also reflect that a Net 30 sale is not complete until they make contact with store/owner. Store owner has complete control of the message.
  • The extension automatically adds a new order status called Net 30.

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  • Developer: OpenCart Express
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  • For OpenCart Version - 2.0.x -
  • Theme Compatibility - All
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