Drop Ship Vendor

Drop Ship Vendor

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This extension is a ground up Drop Ship Vendor System. The extension includes a vendor management system that allows you to add, remove or edit vendors. In the order page, once a vendor is chosen a list of the product(s) from the drop down it will allow selection of which product will be ordered from which vendor. After an order is submitted to the vendor a history is created that can viewed any time for tracking purposes. An email is sent directly to the drop ship vendor with detailed information about the order, how it's paid, quantities, manufactures, where it will be shipped, and who authorized it. All fileds can be overriden or commented on. In the vendors page when adding a vendor to the list, you will also be able to select the product criteria specific to that vendor. Example: some manufacturers may require a sku for ordering while others may require SKU, EAN, Model, etc. With this new version you can now chosse what vendor requires what criteria. See demo for more details.

When a customer uploads a file from the store front such as a picture, the uploaded picture will be sent to the vendor. This is great for stores that sell specialized T-shirts or items that require futher explanation when placing the order with the vendor.

If the automatic email to vendor was selected in the vendor edit, every time that product is sold an automatic email will be sent to the vendor.

Features include:

  • Sends vendor eamil automatically if selected as a PDF
  • Sends invoice to vendor as a PDF if selected
  • Vendor management system and phonebook.
  • Select specific product criteria for ordering from specific vendor.
  • Editable email system for sending emails to vendors/manufacturers
  • Add unlimited vendors.
  • Allows same order to send various emails to different vendors. (Example: If part A comes from one vendor & part B comes from another, an individual email will be sent to each vendor from the same order page).
  • Compatible with our exclusive Payment system.
  • Send orders to Vendors directly from the order page.
  • Very user friendly
  • When customers upload a picture or a zip file in the store front, this information will also be forwarded to the vendor as an attachment.
  • Allows more than one vendor to be assigned to a product.

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1.Go to Vendors, add new vendor. Fill in all details.

2. Once all Vendors are set up go to each product and edit. In the links section there is a vendor selector drop down. Select a vendor for that product then press save.

3. When an order comes in go to sales/orders/view.

4. When in order page scroll down to see Vendor email section, click drop down, select a vendor. Information will automatically populate all pertinent fields.

5. Review your order to vendor make any changes (all fields can be overridden) and send you order. Your vendor/supplier will receive all of the information needed to place an order.

If the automatic email to vendor was selected in the vendor edit, every time that product is sold an automatic email will be sent to the vendor.

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