Auto Generate Invoice Number

Auto Generate Invoice Number

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Generate Invoices in various ways and combinations

This Extension automatically generates an Invoice number. By default OpenCart does not generate an invoice number, it has to be done manually. This extension relieves the store owner from that duty. No core files are overwritten.

Features include:

  • Various methods and combinations to generate invoice numbers
  • auto generate invoice starting number edit
  • auto generate invoice using date as prefix
  • auto generate invoice using order number
  • Automatically generates an invoice number using the same number as the order.
  • OpenCart default does not generate an invoice number it has to be done manually. This will do it automatically for you.

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  • Developer: OpenCart Express
  • Product Code: Auto Generate Invoice Number
  • For OpenCart Version - 1.5.x -
  • Theme Compatibility - All
  • Modification Type - vQmod for 1.5.x - ocmod for 2.x
  • Views - 4735
  • Sales - 11
  • $20.00

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